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Train-the-Trainer Certification, EQ, Diversity, Creativity, Coaching..

Humanext Training

Human Culture. Great Work

Get certified online on EQ, Diversity, Creativity, Critical Conversations, More..

What You Will Develop and Apply

Emotional Intelligence: You will get activities, exercises and quick assessments and profiles that enable you to develop your crucial self awareness. You will then move to develop your awareness of others. 

You will then apply your developed skills in your working with others, learning ways to master communication and relationship management.

Critical Thinking Skills: You will work on exercises that demonstrate how to think more logically, avoiding the most common errors of judgment and thinking and perception fallacies most people fall into.

Creative Thinking Skills: You will work on exercises that shows you how to think creativity, using your whole brain, instead of only the right or left half of it. You will learn techniques to avoid the creativity blocks most people face, over ten techniques to generate new ideas, and ways to create a culture of innovation at work. You will learn the best practices of America's most innovative companies like Disney, 3M, GE, Apple, and others. 

We offer options for one user or group discount. 

Classroom-Ready Workshop Packages for Trainers

Some of the Programs We Provide:

Working with Intelligence

Leading your work and life with critical, creative, and emotional intelligence.

The Man Who Wanted to Change the World!

A Story and a Course about Change

​From our new "Working with Intelligence" Course​

Start your change journey with this weekly emailed course that can transform your life and career by developing and applying your critical thinking, creativity, and emotional intelligence at work.

Every week, for 12 weeks, you will receive a segment of the Course's intelligence-based actionable ideas, activities, and tactics you can put to work right a way to advance your career and live a more fulfilling life.

The concepts and techniques you will receive will enable you to discover and develop your competence, influence the people you work with, and empower your communication, critical and creative thinking..

The steady stream of on-the-job actions you can apply individually or with others will act as a continuous source of personal and professional development for a period of six months. 

The result? You will grow as a more effective person, working in a way that stimulates- in yourself and others - emotional, creative, and critical intelligence, achieving breakthrough results previously perceived as unattainable.

In the Chinese folklore, there is the story of an ambitious young man who, on his twentieth birthday, became consumed with the desire to change the world. He spent the next 20 years trying to do that but couldn’t.
At age 40, he settled for trying to change China. He spent the next 20 years trying to do that but couldn’t.
At age 60, he settled for trying to change his village. For the next 20 years he tried to do that but failed.
At age 80, he decided to focus on changing his family. He spent the next 20 years trying to do that but couldn’t.
At age 100, he decided to focus on changing himself.
But the next day, he died.


So what is the best time for you to look at changing yourself by developing your self awareness and your awareness of others?
And, how to go about doing that?
You are invited to consider the new HumaNext Course titled, "Working with Intelligence". Learn about it below.

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