Order with Maximum Flexibility

  • You can start with the Starter / Pilot option of one trainer learning online then deliver two workshops, followed by materials for two months of Action Learning.
  • You can do Level 1 with a small team, and expand gradually to add more workshops, more action learning activities, and more people for Levels 2 and 3.
  • Best value, and best results are with the Complete Program choice, with 6 topics, and 6 months of Action Learning for unlimited number of trainees.
  • The process can take from 2 to 6 months, or as long as your pace and needs require. ​
  • Action Learning can start a few days or weeks after the training. You are in complete control of the process.

Level 1 Starter / Pilot: Leader-Shift, EQ, and Communication

Your kick off will be very powerful and exciting, with our Level 1 Starter / Pilot that combines the key skills and experiences of leadership, emotional intelligence, and compelling communication. You can deliver it in one day of learning, or in two half-days, or even three to four "Lunch Hour Learning" sessions.

Our dramatic opener activities will challenge participants to immediately alter their communication styles, with fun yet powerful techniques that enable them to support each other as they struggle with the challenges of avoiding negative talk, and replacing it with powerful compelling conversations that uplifts the spirit while inviting collaboration.

Action Learning after the sessions will enable you to continue supporting participants as they apply the learning on-the-job. You will send them our materials, activities, and assignments, with models that are easy to apply and use, for continuously improved performance in areas of leadership, emotional intelligence, compelling communications, team collaboration, and doing great work.

​Mid Level 2: Adding Creativity & Innovation, Critical Conversations & Action

When you add Mid Level 2, you get learning materials for another full day, or two half-days, or classroom training on powerful Critical Conversations skills plus Creativity and Innovation techniques to infuse the culture with innovation at every level.

This training and action learning enable people to break traditional limitations and narrow mental models, and show them how to work together to demolish barriers and create innovative products, services, or programs that significantly alters the quality of work.

Complete Program Level 3: Employee Engagement + Team Relation-Shifts: 

Six Months of Experiential Training, Action Learning, and Full Support

​By ordering the Complete Program you give yourself and your organization the best value and best opportunity for significant learning and changing as you get learning materials for three full days or 6 half days, 6 workshop topics, and 6 months of activities for on-the-job Action Learning, at a significant discount that makes this the most logical choice for you.

What they Said about HumaNext Training​

American Public University System's Testimony 

"Humanext training was one of the best conference / workshops I have been to in years. Excellent! 

I or my staff or both will be back in the future".
- Dr. Grady Batchelor, Associate Vice President, American Public University System.

You start with Heart & Mind Learning

  • People will not learn to change the culture or themselves unless learning is personal, meaningful, and fun. That is why we start by teaching the trainer our "Heart & Mind Learning" methodology based on the following principles:
  1. ​  If you don't arouse the heart, you can't engage the mind
  2.    If you don't provide inspiration, you waste the information
  3. ​  What people focus on becomes their reality
  4. ​  Learning liberates, igniting the freedom to dream and create

People leave the training classroom excited about what they've learned and eager to put it to work.


Today's Most Critical Skills to Build a Great Work Culture!

The 6-Sides of Culture program covers the top six skills that shape the company culture based on a HumaNext survey of 500 training and HR professionals in the US and abroad (September 2016)

* HumaNext has been delivering training and culture programs to some of America's leading organizations, including training the trainers around the world, on these skills, since 2005

- Fee for each level is $2500 but reduced for 2 or 3 levels ordered together, covering one trainer to learn online then deliver the workshops and Action Learning to unlimited number of participants unlimited number of times using our materials with support for the length of the program.

- You may have more trainers get certified at additional fees.

- We can send you our trainers to deliver the program then give you the materials to continue it. Add $1500 per day / level (plus travel costs) to the above fees.

Imagine Building a Company Culture Where..

Simple Yet Powerful Process

1- The trainer / consultant learns online an overview of the process, and acquires advanced facilitation skills with our Heart & Mind Learning to deliver great learning experiences on any topic.

2- The trainer learns online the two to six workshops of their choice via webinars, slides, and facilitator's guide, receiving certification.

3- The trainer / consultant delivers the workshops in class to their internal or external clients using our materials including reproducible Participant's Workbook, unlimited trainees, unlimited times.
4- Trainer continues to drive participants' growth with our on-the-job Action Learning activities and coaching models for two to six months to instill new habits and steadily build the foundation of the culture.

But What Is Action Learning?

Action Learning is one of the most effective ways to build a great culture of positive action. Teams learn together on-the-job and work on their assignments with creativity, intelligence, and renewed engagement. They help each other learn and grow with peer coaching.

You email the teams our provided activities and assignments and follow up with them with assessments and coaching. We give you everything you need to run the Action Learning, making a clear and lasting impact

on the behavior and achievements of your people.

Train-the-Trainer Certification, EQ, Innovation, Inclusion, LeaderShift, Culture, Teams..

Humanext Training 

Use Our Assessments to Unmask Reality and Decode the Culture

- You can use our reproducible assessments to uncover the real needs, the hidden values, and the gaps in competencies. Our Culture Compass enables you to decode your company culture, uncovering the real forces that drive it and the areas of greatest needs.

- Use our reproducible paper-and-pencil tools with unlimited users as part of the program, or add the optional online assessments for a small per user fee.

HumaNext: Most innovative resources for trainers and coaches. Sign up now..

Introducing: The 6 Sides of Culture!

A Complete Blended Learning Program to Build Critical Skills and Manage the Key Drivers of Company Culture! Here Is How It Works:

  • ​Trainers or consultants learn the program online then deliver it to employees in fast-paces classroom style workshops, and continue with action learning activities. All materials are provided to you with your online learning.
  • Your employees or clients learn in classroom style workshops you deliver to them using our materials.
  • Your employees or clients continue learning and growing on-the-job with the action learning materials we provide, with facilitation and coaching by you, using our materials and the learning you got online.
  • Maximum flexibility: You may choose to deliver one, two, or three days or half days of workshops, or shorter workshops in larger numbers, to your employees or clients using the content you receive from us.
  • Choose the topics of your needs or deliver all 6 topics.
  • We can also send you our trainer to deliver the workshops for you, then give you what you need to continue the program.
  • Covering the skills that most impact culture: Leadership; Emotional Intelligence; Employee Engagement; Critical Conversations; Team Relationships, and Creativity and Innovation.

- Emotionally intelligent leaders act as role models (Emotional    Intelligence)

- People are free to dream and create (Leadership and culture)

- Employees are fully engaged, with self-generate commitment (Employee Engagement)

- Communication is compelling, caring, and creative (Critical  Conversations)

- Creativity is rewarded and innovation is rampant (Creativity &  Innovation)

- People experience relation-shifts in working with others.​ (Relation-shifts)