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DISC Strength Certification Online: DISC Profile PLUS Strength Development in One Trainer Certification Process

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  • With 3D, you can go much further by augmenting assessment with training and development, coaching, and online action-learning.
  • This combination delivers the most powerful skill and personality development results for you and your organization.

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Culture Compass​​: A Profile to Discover and Boost the Culture of Your Organization or Team

Our Scope3D Program offers programs focused precisely on the needs of leaders, staff members individually, or a team. The 3D process works the same way for them, but with content and activities that address their specific needs. The three phases of the 3D process are as follows:

D1: Discover 

In this phase the person, or the team, get a battery of assessments that are relevant to them, such as leadership styles, communication skills, DISC for individuals or teams, emotional intelligence, culture dimensions, creativity and innovation skills, or others. There is a degree of customization available here.

At least three assessments are usually used to provide a more complete picture of the range of personalities, behavioral patterns, preferences, and possibilities of human interactions. 

Assessments- HRD: Skill, Personality, and Strength Development Programs (Online or Paper)

Consultant and Coach: Francois Basili

Your consultant and coach is Francois Basili, CEO of HumaNext. He will be giving you written feedback / coaching.

- This T.E.A.M. Profile tool provides teams with a profile of their effectiveness in taking action to achieve results. This profile can serve as a map for the team's development, learning, and change to increase its effectiveness. 
- Taking only a few minutes to answer 30 questions online, Profile reveals the team's effectiveness in the six areas that most impact team performance: 
Pillar 1- Shared Mission & Goals  

Pillar 2- Defined Roles and Methods
Pillar 3- Inspiring Leadership  

Pillar 4- Supportive Relationships
Pillar 5- A Learning Culture    

Pillar 6- Positive Communication

Assessment is a necessary first step for skill development. HumaNext offers all the online assessments and paper assessments you need for leaders, teams, and individuals, starting with DISC. 

We also offer complete programs, using HumaNext Scope3D Process: Discover (Assessment), Develop (Your strengths with training / coaching), and Deploy (Action Learning). 


(Part of "Relation-Shifts" Team Building Workshop)  

Emotional Skills Assessment Process  (ESAP-C) $39

ESAP-C© is a validated 

emotional intelligence assessment you can do online in 20 minutes.

​​D3: Deploy 

In this important phase, absent from almost all other development programs offered today, leaders, or teams, get Action-Learning tools, tactics, models, and activities that enable them to learn, practice, and deploy new skills right on the job. 

While in the two previous phases of personal "Discovery" and strengths "Development" people work mainly alone, this "Deploy" phase offers them the vital opportunity to put their newly discovered personality styles and newly developed strengths to work. They receive concepts, models, and activities that they put immediately to practice as they communicate, collaborate, lead, and work together.

Order the program applicable to you below.. 

​​D2: Develop

In this phase, the person or team will get the tools and training needed to develop their key skills, covering both strengths and areas of needs. The skills covered are those identified by research as the ones most managers say they pose the most challenge to them and their teams. The three key skills covered here are;

  • Compelling Communications
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Creativity and Innovation

In addition, people learn to identify their sets of strengths, and ares of needs.

It offers 77 self-report items to provide specific measures of emotional skills that contribute strongly to personal achievement and better relationships in and off the workplace. It offers a complete process, not just an assessment.
Order for yourself – or for your entire team to work effectively together.

What Good Is Assessment If You Don't Do Anything Further with It?

Our Advantage: Offering Assessments and Complete Personality and Skill Development Process with them

We can deliver parts or all of our Scope3D program, including DISC training,

EQ training, Team RelationShifts, or other skills at your place. Contact us from the About Us page.

Building a strong organizational culture, or strengthening a good one you already have, starts with understanding the various dimensions and dynamics of your existing culture.

The customizable and reproducible Cultural Compass enables you to find the answers to the critical questions about your culture, and provides you with ways for moving toward a stronger, more positive and productive culture at work.

The Compass is a self-scoring paper and pencil tool that takes users through an exciting process of cultural discovery by answering, plotting, and analyzing 48 key questions about their organizational culture. The questions cover four cultural orientations; People, Task, Values (and Ethics), and Synergy.

The customizable and reproducible Cultural Compass is also used to uncover and compare the cultures of various groups, teams, and departments, to overcome the Culture Gap that might separate them.

A comprehensive Facilitator’s Guide explains the culture discovery and improvement process. 

We Offer Classroom- Ready Workshops to Go with Many Assessments..

DISC Strength Assessment and Development Certification Online