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"2 Be the Change" is more than training. It is transformation. Join the mission and make a difference where you are.

​​Steve Jobs’ Question about Changing the World

When Apple experienced some challenges in its early years, Steve Jobs thought to hire an experienced CEO to run day-to-day operations. He wanted to get John Sculley, the CEO of Pepsi. But why would the CEO of a large established company, with one of the most recognized brand names in the world, agree to leave Pepsi to work at a small, at-the-time not well-known company, like Apple? When Sculley declined, Steve Jobs asked him:  

“Do you want to sell sugared water for the rest of your life, or do you want to change the world?” Sculley could not sleep that night, and next morning he accepted Jobs’ offer.

For most people, there is nothing more thrilling and rewarding than doing exciting work that makes a difference. Or as Jobs put it, “to make a dent in the universe”.

“2 Be the Change” program enables people to do just that, delivering powerful action-learning experiences with concepts, activities, and coaching, including our “6 Actions 2 Be the Change”, and “The 3P Model of Passion, Purpose, and Profit”. Learn more below. 

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Actions for Leading the Change in Yourself & Others

1- Discover your life-patterns and true calling. (Self-discovery)

“Know Thyself” with assessments and simple yet powerful exercises. Self-awareness is the corner-stone of emotional intelligence. Understanding yourself and your past enables you to take the best of them to the future.

Develop your strengths to perform with courage. (Self-growth)

With a powerful process for uncovering your hidden gifts you can focus on growing your true talents. Building on your strengths, you learn to leap with courage out of your comfort zone to achieve extraordinary accomplishments.

Design the change, seeking something bigger. (Future-Search)

Confident with the discovery of your true-self and inner-strengths, you start moving from the inside out, turning passion into mission, embarking on the exciting work of designing and leading the change you seek in yourself and others.

Connect deeply with the language of leadership. (Relation-Shifts)

Create deeper connections and relation-shifts by relating to people on a deeper human level that wins their hearts and inspire their minds. Using the language of leadership, you engage people in compelling conversations to accomplish great goals.

Check reality vs. vision, calculating risks and rewards. (Critical Thinking)

Apply critical thinking to know facts from fallacy and run a reality-check on your dreams. Truth becomes a liberating force, enabling you to take calculated risks and move with confidence to build your desired future.

Create change, leading action-teams toward goals. (Creative Action)

Apply creative thinking and innovative ways of re-framing your work and your world. Taking the best of the past to the future, you can take bold action, leading people toward new ways of living and working to achieve extraordinary accomplishments.

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Help people and teams achieve exciting goals and become the change they want to see in themselves and their work. Join the mission to inspire positive change in people and organizations around the world.

Take the "2 Bethe Change" program today and start changing the world!

Be curious. Be bold. Shift your horizon to create possibility.

Acquire the power of bringing passion, purpose, and profit to yourself and your clients.

Help people 2betheChange anywhere in the world, living a richer and happier work-life.

Lead teams to achieve extraordinary results.

"The Best Training I've Been to in Years"

What People Said About HumaNext's Approach to Training 

American Public University System's Testimony:
The Humanext 2015 training was one of the best conference / workshops I have been to in years.  Excellent workshop!  I or my staff or both will be back in the future. 

Dr. Grady Batchelor, Associate Vice President, Center for Teaching & Learning


"Humanext training was one of the best I have been to in years."

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What the US Army Executive Coaching Director Said about HumaNext Training

Why "2 Be the Change" Is So Rewarding 

1- You will feel great helping people experience the thrill of self-discovery.

2- The concept of "Be the change you want to see in the world" by Gandhi is a powerful idea recognized and appreciated around the world. People respond positively to its simplicity and authenticity.

3- The content will impact individuals, teams, and organizations. You can use it to coach one person at a time, or deliver it to groups in workshop sessions.

4- The program also works as an inspirational vehicle to give energy and enthusiasm to any project or initiative at work or in a community.

5- The program is a thrilling change and growth experience with powerful activities people can do on-the-job and with family and friends.

6- You will be part of an exciting mission of creating positive change for people and organizations around the world.

7- You will get a "Leader's Guide", slides, and reproducible participant workbook to run the program for one or one thousand persons.

8- You determine if and what to charge your clients. 

9- The program is developed by HumaNext, one of the most innovative American training providers, celebrating its 17th anniversary in February 2019.

10- You will have support to answer your questions for one year.

​Trainer / Change-Maker's Package

HumaNext gives you everything you need to run "2 Be the Change" program for employees, communities, or clients, to achieve great goals.

You will learn online, receiving written coaching from HumaNext, then use the materials with others anywhere in the world. HumaNext programs deliver a powerful mix of excitement and results.

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Humanext Training 

Since 2002, trainers around the world have been delivering our programs to employees or clients. Join "2 Be The Chang" for personal and team transformation to achieve great goals.

Lead People 2 Be the Change. Deliver Vital Training that Transforms Lives and Makes a Difference. Help People to Develop their Strengths and Break Beyond their Boundaries. Learn Online then Use the Materials to Train and Coach Others

I have weaved some of the concepts (of EQ training) into what I am doing here at the Army... Francois (HumaNext President) leads his class with a highly effective mixture of kindness, compassion and expertise. He creates and nurtures a cooperative and cohesive classroom environment, where participants are motivated to use their collective synergy to find solutions to their unique challenges."

- Andy Kirkpatrick, CERDEC Executive Coaching Program Director, Employee Resources Services, US Army