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Heart & Mind Learning!

HumaNext 3-in-1 Certification Offers Training the Trainer, Coaching the Coach, and Learning to Deliver a Choice Workshop: In One Process Online.

All our trainer certification programs and workshops use our experiential style Heart & Mind Learning methodology

SPECIAL: Leading with Intelligence Certification

Emotional, Critical, and Creative Intelligence - three workshops in one!

Developing and applying three key intelligence-based skills; emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and creative thinking - in one powerful program.  It's like three workshops in one, and may be delivered separately. The training covers the key aspects of emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and creative thinking.


PersonalityScope3D delivers the most comprehensive personality assessments, discovery, and development processes available in one program. The result is a fascinating discovery of your personality's core identity, life's purpose and calling, strengths, goals, and the actions needed to move toward a more rewarding life of purpose and achievements.

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  • Some scholarships are available to people who need them, usually working for small non-profits, interns, recent college graduates, people from hardship areas. Contact us.

Certification Terms

  • You get the rights to deliver the workshop in classroom / face-to-face format unlimited number of times for two years, renewable for fees. 
  • Posting the materials online or in digital form requires a Learning License at a higher fee. Contact us for details.

CancellationYou may cancel your registration for the online certification and receive a refund of the amount paid minus 15% administration/ processing fee anytime before the start of your certification. Once your certification process starts by receiving initial communication, or Part One, or any other part of the courses, no refunds will be given. 

Certification in above topics comes with 

Heart & Mind Learning

The Advanced Train-the-Trainer Methodology for Any Training

Heart & Mind Learning is a methodology that turns ordinary training sessions into extraordinary learning experiences. It involves these "Insights":

  • If you don't arouse the heart, you can't engage the mind.
  • If you don't offer inspiration, you will waste the information.

It covers 21 themes / best practices that deliver great learning experiences rich in concepts, activities, stories, and techniques.

RelationShift- A Transformational Experience for Teams is a powerful workshop on team building, team transformation, and organization change. This unique workshop enables participants to create a dramatic change in the way they relate to their work, their colleagues and their organization.

​The result is a totally rejuvenated team working on a higher level of commitment to achieve extraordinary results.

Workshop Topics for Certification. Certify in a Second Topic and Save! 

Cross Cultural Competency

With the globalization of world economy, multi-national organizations, out-sourcing, and the international executive, the demand for effective cross cultural skills training has accelerated.

Participants will learn specific insights and skills for understanding and working effectively with cultural differences.

Diversity and Inclusion at Work

Diversity continues to be one of the most relevant topics in training today. 
The existence of four generations in the workplace drives companies to recognize the importance of training to respond to this need. 

This workshop covers all aspects of diversity including culture, gender, generations, abilities, and sexual orientation.

Critical Conversations

This workshop helps you solve the tough communication challenges many organizations are facing. All managers consistently report that communication is at the top of the list of challenges they face at work.

This workshop delivers to the effective conversation techniques people need to confidently and convincingly tackle some of the toughest encounters at work, including performance reviews, conflict, complaints, coaching, giving criticism, and more.

Creativity and Innovation at Work

innovation is the vital corporate issue of the 21st Century.

This workshop covers both creativity and innovation in today's organization.This workshop helps individuals and teams sharpen their creative thinking, idea generation, and problem solving skills for breakthrough achievements.
Learn how some of America’s most innovative organizations, such as Disney, Apple, Dell, 3M, created a culture of innovation.

Employee Engagement for Change 
This program provides everything you need to create and communicate an employee engagement initiative at your organization or department.

Employee engagement inspires people to stop complaining and start collaborating. It’s one of the most effective type of training you can offer to combat negativity and low performance. This workshop delivers the research results, the drivers of engagement, the employee engagement model and process, and the communication and training needed to support engagement.

Emotional Intelligence


EQ is one of the hottest topics for training and coaching today. It is a relatively new area of professional and personal development that is generating a lot of interest and enjoying a growing appreciation.

Acquiring the ability to deliver workshops on emotional intelligence will significantly enhance your ability to offer the latest skills to your clients. 

Our program is based on the Daniel Goleman model, one of the widest and most popular models of EQ today.
Certification will give you what you need to deliver from half a day to two full days of training on emotional intelligence at work. 

How our 3 in 1 Certification Works​​​

​​You first learn to become a great trainer on any topic, then a great coach, then you learn to deliver your choice workshop(s).

HumaNext Trainer Certification now consists of three parts:

1- First: You will learn advanced training techniques to become a better trainer on any topic with our Heart & Mind Learning.

2- Then you will learn and get the tools to become a great coach, helping employees or clients achieve their goals.

3- Then: You will learn to deliver your choice of our most popular workshops to your employees or clients.​- Online certification occurs via MS Word and slides; webinars,  a collaborative Wiki site, online assignments and assessment.

- You determine your pace of learning.

- Certification gives you the rights to deliver our programs unlimited number of times in a classroom style. (No credits toward degrees.)​

Train-the-Trainer Certification Online​​​​

  1. It is the only certification that enables you to learn effective training techniques PLUS effective coaching PLUS certify in more than one topic / workshop in the same process.

  2. It is the only program that offers you complete materials, tools, and documents to help you design and deliver great training on any topic, not just the topic of your certification. 

  3. We do not require you to buy any other materials or workbooks, nor do we take commission or fees from you.

  4. Some of the world’s best organizations sent their people to attend HumaNext events and got certified to deliver our workshops, from the Mayo Clinic and the US Army in the United States, to consultants in Canada, Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

  5. We keep our fees significantly lower than others.

  6. We offer you continued support by email or phone.

  7. Your association with HumaNext, one of America's most innovative training companies, can boost your credentials.

​​1-You learn the techniques tobecome a great traineron any topic using our Heart & Mind Learning Methodology.

2- You learn to become a great coach and get the tools to coach others to achieve their goals.

3- You get certified in one or more popular training workshop topic(s) like: 

  • Emotional Intelligence, Diversity, Creativity, Employee Engagement, Critical Conversations, and More. 

PLUS: Live coaching by the program's author. PLUS: Free promotion of your work in our newsletter