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Humanext Training 

Live  One-To-One Coaching Sessions and Other Choices

In this live coaching program you get coached one-to-one by HumaNext President Francois Basili (see credentials below) using the power of emotional intelligence, creative thinking, and compelling communication.

Depending on your needs, you will get coached in one or more of these focus areas:

  • Leadership, focusing on your work / business and career goals.

  • Personal Development with Emotional Intelligence, increasing self awareness, self confidence, self management, and relationship management, the key dimensions of emotional intelligence.

  • Creative Thinking, using innovative visions and actions to achieve extraordinary goals.

  • Compelling Communication, developing powerful and credible communication habits that elevate your relationships, influence people and achieve greater rewards and satisfaction.

Powerful 3D Coaching Process for Coaches & Leaders

Professional coaching brings many valuable benefits:

  • New ways to see life and your work in it
  • Fresh perspectives on personal challenges
  • Greater interpersonal effectiveness
  • Enhanced idea-generation and decision-making skills 
  • Increased self-confidence.
  • Heightened productivity and work performance
  • Achievement of personal and professional goals
  • Appreciable satisfaction with life and work

HumaNext offers coaching programs for coaches, leaders, and teams focusing on their particular needs, challenges, and goals.

Your Coach: Francois Basili
Any Coaching Is Only as Good as Your Coach. ​​
You Will Be Coached by One of the Best in the Training and Communication Fields, HumaNext President Francois Basili​​

Francois Basili, founder of HumaNext LLC, has more than thirty years experience as a corporate training/HRD and corporate communications executive and consultant. He led a number of major cultural transformations for organizations in the US and abroad. He developed nationally recognized communication and training programs, and led workshops attended by executives from American, European, and Asian corporations. He trained, coached, and certified hundreds of trainers and consultants from around the world both in key topics like leadership, critical conversations, EQ, Innovation, Inclusion, culture change.

Basili's corporate experience included heading the training/HRD and organizational communications functions for a $1.2 billion health care organization in New York for 12 years. Before that he headed the community services and commercial operations functions for Bechtel Group at the largest project in the world at the time, the $20 Billion Jubail Project in Saudi Arabia. He holds a Masters in Public Administration from New York University.

Why and How Best to Get or Give Coaching with HumaNext Programs

Coaching People to "Be the Change"

Multi-level program to coach yourself, other individuals, or train teams and organizations. ​​

​​​​​​Live One-to-One Coaching Fees:

4 Live Coaching Sessions + The complete Coaching Course: Assessments + On-the-Job Actions + Tools: Reduced Fee..

Or Get The Coaching Course as Part of Our 3-in-1 Trainer Certification to Deliver Our Popular Workshops

If you need more than coaching, you can get our Train-The-Trainer Global Certification online where you get 3-in-1 programs covering "Train-the-Trainer on any topic + The Coaching Course + learn to deliver your choice of one or more popular workshops. It's the ultimate Train The Trainer and Coach The Coach Program.

After widespread condemnation on social media of his views of victims of sex abuse, the self-help guru Tony Robbins said he agreed with the goals of the “#MeToo” movement, and asked for forgiveness. "Sometimes, the teacher has to become the student, and it is clear that I still have much to learn," he said.

Here are the lessons trainers and coaches can learn from this:
1-     Even if you reach the status of the most successful trainer or coach in the world, you should strive to continue to learn abou social and business issues trends, or you will fall behind in your views.

2-    If you listen only to people who run in your circles - powerful, successful, rich businessmen - you will limit your world-view to theirs, and miss out on understanding the average people who strive to pay $3000 to attend events like the ones offered by Robbins. That is why #MeToo founder Tarana Burke tweeted: "If you talk to more survivors and less sexist businessmen maybe you'll understand what we want,” which is a safe and respectful workplace, she explained.

3-  When the 6-foot-7 Robbins invited Ms. McCool from the audience to take part in an exercise to make his point, he used an aggressive tactic without realizing its possibly negative and intimidating impact. "Put out your fist. Why are you pushing back? I didn't tell you to push back. Why are you pushing back? He kept asking. 

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How One-To-One Live Coaching Works

  • You get coached by phone or Skype in privacy, for 45 minutes each session
  • Your coach is Francois Basili, President of HumaNext. See credentials below.
  • You will do assessments to map your current strengths and needs.
  • You will receive continuous communications, documents, and tools as needed.
  • You will do on-the-job actions / best practices between the sessions.
  • You will get access to recorded webinars to learn as needed.
  • The coaching is highly customized, focusing on the goals you want to achieve.
  • You will leave with the complete documents, tools, slides, and assessments so you can use them to continue to coach yourself and others such as employees or clients.

​​Some of the Coaching Intelligence Models You will Learn and Get to Use with Self and Others..

        "We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are." - Max DePree

Programs for you to become a great coach. Programs for leaders to get coached to achieve their goals. Apply the Power of Emotional Intelligence, LeaderShift, Creativity, and Compelling Communication

​Or Get The "Coaching Course"  without Live Coaching  

with Emotional Intelligence, Creative Thinking, and Compelling Communication

  • The "Coaching Course" is a self-learning, self-coaching course where you get weekly- for 8 weeks (or 4 depending on your pace) - powerful coaching models, tools, templates, activities, assessments, webinars, and on-the-job practices you use to coach yourself, and then use the tools to coach your team, or your internal or external clients.
  • Beyond the basics, you get a battery of coaching models, templates, and tools that work for any situation and needs.
  • We enrich the coaching process by using three areas of competency:
  1. ​​Emotional Intelligence
  2. Creative Thinking
  3. Compelling Communication
  • No live sessions. E-mail support for 3 months. Go to Store for current fee --------->

You Can Also Learn Online to Become a Great Coach and Trainer with Programs from Institute for Training and Coaching