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This workshop gives your mangers and supervisors the skills and tools they need to effectively act as the primary communicators of the organization's mission, strategy and goals. Studies indicate that employees look to their immediate supervisor to get the key information they need about their job, the developments that are taking place in the organization and the way these will affect them.

But without training, the supervisors often do not know how to fill this role effectively, leaving employees frustrated and angry, and causing false information to spread through rumors instead.

Manager as Communicator Training Workshop

Communication Plan Template

If You Fail to Plan, You're Planning to Fail - Our Communication Plan Template Can Help

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Programs on Strategic Employee Communication Plans, Communication Audits, Content, and Manager as Communicator Programs. See Below..

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With HumaNext Strategic Communicator Program (SCP) you get everything you need - by email and online - to become a strategic employee / organizational communication professional or consultant. You will learn to master the key aspects of strategic communication practice. It is a unique, flexible program available only from HumaNext.

​You Will Get Complete Tools & Training Covering three Key Practice Areas Plus Review of a Communication Project:

1. Creating Strategic Communication Plans

- A complete “Communication Plan Template” package with content and step-by-step instructions to help you create effective strategic communication plans for your organization or your clients.
- Access to a recorded webinar to listen to the Template’s author explaining the key aspects of the process, the challenges you are likely to encounter and how to manage them.
- A set of PowerPoint Slides you can use for both learning and presentation of the topic to others to teach them about the strategic communication planning process.

2. Conducting Communication Audits

- A comprehensive step-by-step Guide to designing and conducting a communication audit for your organization or clients.
- Access to a recorded webinar to hear an explanation of the key parts of the audit’s process, the challenges you’re likely to encounter and how to overcome them.
- A set of PowerPoint Slides you can use for both learning and presentation of the topic to others to teach them about the communication audit process.

3. Employee Communication Campaigns & Events

- You will get the complete Guide / Template for this program in MS Word plus a set of related PowerPoint slides.

4. Review and Consultation

- You can receive a review of one draft of a communication project by the program’s author Francois Basili.

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The Employee Communication Campaigns and Events Template offers you concepts and content, tools and templates, methods and messages to create more engaging and effective employee or organizational communication initiatives, campaigns, events, and projects.

It is a powerful, innovative resource that infuses your communication campaigns, initiatives, or events with features that turn ordinary communications into engaging experiences that win the hearts and minds of your audience.

​Why wait endlessly for inspiration? You can now order it on demand with this wealth of communication insights, concepts, content, messages, stories, activities, and applications to help you create powerful communication programs.

Insights and Best Practices

The program offers "Insights" that cover concepts, ideas, and practices that go beyond common communication tactics and techniques for delivering effective messages. Each Insight offers a deeper look into the purpose and process of communicating, and the way people listen, learn, and interact.

Together, these Insights present a comprehensive methodology for a more effective and exciting way of communication design and delivery that significantly enriches and elevates the experience of communicating for both the communicator and the audience. You will get the activities, tools, handouts, slides, and resources that you can readily use to integrate these Insights into your communication design and delivery.

- It's a snapshot of an organization's communication strategies, activities and programs.
- It's an assessment of the effectiveness and credibility of current communication vehicles and media, including publications, web site, intranet, blogs, town meetings, face-to-face communication, and other communication media.
- It uses processes such as observations, analyses and evaluations, focus groups, interviews and surveys of employees and other stake holders to improve communication, understanding and collaboration.

What Does It Deliver?
A communication audit delivers some or all of the following:
- Review of existing communication policies, publications, and vehicles, indicating strengths and weaknesses of each.
- Summary of comments of focus groups and interviews.
- Report of the employee survey results.
- Recommendations for strengthening your communication programs.

Advantages of HumaNext Do-It-Yourself Audit:

1- It provides you with the structured process, tools, content (such as interview and focus group criteria and questions) and survey’s questions to enable you to perform your audit.
2- You take these tools and perform the audit in your organization. You conduct the interviews with executives and stake-holders, hold focus groups with employees and compile the results. You will find the criteria and questions to ask for these processes included in the program.
3- You get the criteria, tools, and methodology to review and conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your current communication strategy, policies, publications, messages, and media. 
4- Being a Template in MS Word, you can use the content “As Is” without the need to re-type, or modify the content by adding your own language.
5- You will save thousands of dollars compared to hiring a consultant. 

6- The benefits go beyond saving money:

Conducting the audit yourself provides your communication / marketing, or HR staff, volunteers, or interns working with you an invaluable opportunity to hear from employees about the critical questions of strategic importance to the organization (that we help you articulate) and present it to management.. 

Do-It-Yourself Communication Audit Template

​​What is a Communication Audit? 

The Communication Plan Template reflects the following Seven Principles of Strategic Organizational Communications:

1- Organizational Communication is a management process..
with a specific business purpose and disciplined methods of development, implementation, and measurements. It is accomplished through a strategic communication plan reviewed and approved by senior management.

2- Organizational Communication is a change agent.
The purpose of communication is not just to convey information, but to influence behavior. It influences behavior by persuading people to take action toward the organization's objectives.

3- The primary responsibility for internal communication lies with all managers and supervisors.
The Organizational Communication unit is responsible for designing and delivering the system and tools that enable managers to play their role as communicators. Face to face communication with the immediate manager is the most effective form of communication, and is the way employees prefer to receive information relating to their job.

4- Communication is a social process.
Communication is a social process based on openness, sharing, and participation. Communication must recognize and leverage the human need for knowing and relating. Communication must be open, flowing vertically and horizontally throughout the organization. Communication must encourage and utilize user-created-content.

5- To be understood, communication must be grounded in the interests and language of the receiver.
While it seeks to achieve the organization's strategic objectives, it cannot do so effectively unless it uses a receiver-focused approach in both content and context.

6- To be noticed, communication must be compelling and continuous
As it must compete for the receiver's attention, communication must use highly compelling and creative ways to deliver its message. To be remembered and internalized, communication needs to be continuous and consistent. We cannot afford not to communicate.

7- To be influential, communication must be credible.
Without a high degree of credibility, the integrity and believability of the message will be lost, and the whole communication process will be a waste of resources.

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The Seven Principles of Strategic Organizational Communications

Our Best Seller Communication Plan Template is the tool to use to create strategic communication plans that enable you to achieve measurable communication results.

Our Communication Plan Template enables you to create effective communication plans, campaigns and messages.

It achieves this by taking you Step-By-Step through a Strategic Communication Planning process now used by leading American and international organizations.

Create your strategic communication plan yourself with our step-by-step Communication Plan Template, or hire a consulting company to create one for your organization for $15000 or more. (And they may even use our best-selling Template to create it for you, since many communication consultants have bought our Template).

Why spend countless hours re-inventing the wheel?

For most communicators, creating a strategic communication plan is probably the most challenging task of their career.
And now there is an easy to use tool to help them meet this challenge.

Organizations as local as a Catholic school district and as international as the United Nations and the European Parliament have ordered our Communication Plan Template to produce results-oriented strategic communication plans for their local or global communities.
Many communication consultants as well have purchased our Communication Plan Template to use it to create strategic communication plans for their clients.
The Template is an electronic product in MS Word file that will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours of ordering.

The Communicator's Collection

Vital Programs on Communication Plans, Audits, and Communication Campaigns