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DISC-Strength enables you to quickly identify someone's behavioral and communication style so you may tailor and modify yours to one that's more compatible and appreciated by others. This enables you to be more persuasive as you interact and communicate, achieving a level of rapport and influence not reached previously. ​

Become a Better Trainer in the Process

DISC Strength Certification starts with our powerful Heart & Mind Learning (H&ML) Program. H&ML gives you the concepts, models, tactics, activities, stories, slides, and Facilitator's Guide to deliver great training sessions on any topic. You will be able to win the hearts and minds of your audience with the most advanced facilitation tactics and tools used to train the trainers world-wide.

This Heart & Mind Learning advantage is not available from any other DISC facilitation program!

How to Develop Persuasion and Influence

The art of persuasion that hasn't changed in 2000 years and refined by modern science can now be applied using DISC Strength from HumaNext

​Communication expert Carmine Gallo writes in Harvard Business Review that the art of persuasion hasn't fundamentally changed since Aristotle identified the five rhetorical devices of character, emotion, reason, metaphor, and brevity. He has a point.

But today we can draw from recently developed theories of behavior, personality, and emotional intelligence to offer practical ways to develop the skills of persuasion and influence. One of the most widely used of these practical ways is the DISC profile tool. 

HumaNext's DISC-Strength program has gone beyond traditional DISC profile and style measurement tools by combining concepts and applications from emotional intelligence and creativity and innovation, and strength-development training. We offer the only DISC certification integrating these powerful applications. 

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What Good Is DISC If You End Up with Paralysis by Analysis?

​​The idea of DISC is both powerful and simple, yet some other DISC programs make it unnecessarily complicated. Some vendors' DISC reports are 56 pages long, with most people forgetting 90% of it the next day! Complex DISC analysis is a disadvantage. Our simplified practical DISC coupled with Strength development offers the most valuable, easiest to learn and apply DISC certification today.

We can deliver a complete DISC Strength Program at your place. Contact us from the About Us page.

William Marston, the multi-talented ahead-of-his-time scientist, inventor, writer, and developer of the DISC theory of behavior, shown in the photo testing the relationship between blood-pressure and truth-telling, resulting in the Polygraph. He was also the artist-visionary creator of "Wonder Woman". 

The Most Comprehensive DISC Profile and Strength Development in One Certification 

The Only DISC Program with Applications from Emotional Intelligence, Creativity, and Strength Development

Advantages of "DISC-Strength" by HumaNext

There are several advantages you gain by using our comprehensive DISC Strength Program:

1- We focus more on behavior, using questions that reveal specific behaviors, not descriptions of personality traits. This delivers results that are more practical and relevant.

2- We use a simplified system of statements-choices-measurements to yield fast results.

3- Our approach deliberately avoids "paralysis by analysis", offering a unique way to easily understand, remember, and apply the four primary behavioral types in daily actions. 

4- We do not limit the process to the DISC tool, which constitutes just one quarter of the process. We go beyond DISC by enabling users to identify and develop their key strengths.

5- We link the behavioral aspects of the process with the emotional intelligence of the user, and provide concepts, insights, and activities to develop emotional intelligence at work.

6- We equip the users with insights and tactics to apply compelling communications as an integral part of the DISC Strength process.

7- We complete the key skill areas by delivering creativity and innovation skill training that strengthens the ability of the user to be more flexible in responding to challenges.

What Is DISC Profile Style? 

How Does It Empower Communication and Action?

DISC is a self-scoring tool based on a theory of behavior created by the psychologist William Marston, who was a scientist-writer-artist with impressive qualifications; BA from Harvard (1915), LLB from Harvard Law (1918), PhD in psychology from Harvard (1921), and a teacher at American University. He put his research into practice by inventing the first lie-detecting devise - the early polygraph (See the photo).

DISC Theory of Personality-Behavior Types

Marston's theory states that the behavioral expression of emotions could be categorized into four primary types that were labeled Dominance (D), Inducement (I), Submission (S), and Compliance (C) - DISC.

Industrial psychologist Walter Clarke was the first to create an instrument (personality profile test) using Marston's theory. Over the decades that followed and continued till today, other researchers refined the theory, and several training vendors developed tools based on it. There is no one DISC tool, but probably over a dozen versions of DISC exist today. They use slightly different variations of words to represent the letters D, I, S, C. (See the advantages of HumaNext's DISC Strength below.​

DISC Profile Behavioral Style Is Self-Discovery

Strength as in Emotional Intelligence Is Self-Growth

"DISC-Strength" Is Both. It's the Most Complete DISC Profile and Strength Development Online Certification!​

DISC-Strength Certification by HumaNext Has Many Advantages Over Other DISC Certification Online

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