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The "dummies" Series, Short and long Videos, Mentoring, "Lead Now" and the Best of the Prositions Library with HumaNext Support and Supplements 

This comprehensive library has many advantages, including:

  • Ability to have as few as one person learn online
  • Enroll groups in online Mentoring program
  • Enroll people in the "Lead Now" leadership development program
  • The "dummies" short videos on many skills to few or many users
  • Order streaming videos of popular titles for use by one or many, on many different devices, including classroom projectors. 

Because this library offers many options and programs to meet every possible training needs, the best way is to contact us describing your need and we will be happy to get back to you with the best programs and delivery modalities that meet those needs.

Whether You Need Just One Online Course for One Person, Or 100 Courses for 1000 Employees..

Nobody offers all that we offer:

  • Instructor-Led Online
  • Micro-Learning Videos
  • Mentoring Online
  • The "dummies" Online
  • "Lead Now" Online, More..

HumaNext is the Authorized Distributor of  leading eLearning producers, enabling us to meet your needs, supported by HumaNext service and supplemented by our own great programs. Explore below..

ed2go Categories with Many Courses:
·  Business / Finance
·  Computer Applications
·  Health Care and Medical
·  Language 
·  Law and Legal
·  Personal Development
·  Teaching and Education

MORE . . .

Micro-Learning for Groups: Employee Training Videos on the Cloud. 
Training Managers Get 2 Weeks Free Trial

Take training to the clouds (accessible from anywhere on PC or mobile) offering our short video courses to 50 employees, each taking up to 25 courses, for about $30 each per year.

ej4 offers the following number of courses:

74 Financial Courses
70 Workplace Compliance
1186 MS Office
597 Business Skills Bundle


Training Managers: Send contact information describing your needs to get free 14 day access:

HumaNext offers your employees short (7-10 minutes) cloud-based video courses.
HumaNext’s ej4 library offers hundreds of off-the-shelf cloud based e-Learning programs to make sure you have the complete employee skill sets covered.
Categories include compliance, leadership, selling skills, personal productivity, customer service, supervision, and more.

These cloud-based mobile accessible videos provide targeted content that is cost effective, delivered in a fun and compelling manner, and teaches repeatable skills and behaviors to generate maximum results. 

For guided learning and mastery of skills there is nothing like interacting with instructors while still learning online.

HumaNext offers a great library of instructor-lead online courses in business and personal development skills. You may also choose "self-paced" courses.

For organizations: Order for employees at volume prices. Corporations come to us year after year to offer their employees these engaging, high quality instructor-lead ed2to courses. 


​Cloud-Based MircroLearning for Groups with ej4 Videos

​with Support and Supplements by HumaNext

Instructor-Led or Self-Paced ed2go Online Courses

For those who prefer online instructor-led courses for one-on-one learning. For individual learners, or the entire organization.