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Humanext Training 

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Short 7 to 10 Min. Research-Based Video Courses for Your Team

The content you need in shorter on-demand videos

The days of the 30- and 60- minute videos are over.
Our off-the-shelf micro-learning videos are created to fit into the ideal run time of 5-10 minutes, with an average length of 7:12. With a short run time and only a handful of crucial learning points per video, learners absorb needed information quickly.

Shorter videos also appeal to a wider cross-section of your workforce.
Short training videos also make on-demand learning possible:

Line managers can look up the topics or skills they need on the spot.
Learners can receive training at the workplace or at home.
Learning happens at their pace; not waiting for a seminar to come around.
Training can be customized for each individual, providing just the information needed.
Learning can happen literally anytime, anywhere.

We challenge you to try bite-sized and on-demand. You’ll be surprised at how fast you can grow your people.

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In-depth 6 week instructor-led or self-paced courses

Live Virtual Workshops Facilitated by Our Trainers. Read Testimonials!

More Programs Your trainers can learn to deliver to your team virtually

Trainers can get certified online to deliver our powerful programs to  employees or clients unlimited number of times. Get certified in your choice of topics..

Bring your team together virtually and give them the support and skills they need, by your trainers or ours, using our programs!

Our expert trainers can deliver a powerful, uplifting, and relevant virtual training on today's most needed topics like Emotional Intelligence, Lead the Change, Creativity and Innovation, Happy Culture Great Work, Inclusion and Bias, and other popular topics.

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"Amazing class! We are all adjusting to a new way of life due to Covid. I love in-person training. But in spite of all the changes, I loved this virtual session."

Texas Health & Human Services Academy, July 2020

The mostVirtual training options, with our trainers, with your trainers, or without trainers using video libraries or in-depth online courses.

-"Amazing class!

- Glad to have received this knowledge from a presenter who was very passionate about what she was doing"

- "This was one of my favorite trainings this year. The concepts were very useful and appropriate to my current work life".

Your Trainers Can  Deliver 12 Micro-learning Sessions on Key Skills

Evaluation sheets from Health Services of Texas on virtual session facilitated by HumaNext in July 2020

Four Ways to Get the Best Virtual Training You Need from HumaNext

Option 1-  HumaNext Trainers deliver what you need to your team virtually.

Option 2-  Your trainers use our programs to deliver to your team virtually.

Option 3-  Micro-Learning video courses (20 minimum). Request free preview.

Option 4-  Instructor-led or self-paced 6-week in-depth online courses for one or 1000

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ed2go Categories with Many Courses:

·  Business / Finance
·  Computer Applications
·  Health Care and Medical
·  Language 
·  Law and Legal
·  Personal Development
·  Teaching and Education

MORE . . .

Take training to the clouds (accessible from anywhere on PC or mobile) offering our short video courses to your employees, each taking up to 25 courses, for low fees.​

Our video library offers the following number of courses:

70+ Financial Courses
70+ Workplace Compliance
1186 MS Office Courses
600+ Business Skills Bundle



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HumaNext offers short (7-10 minutes) research-based video courses on all key skills

HumaNext’s video library offers hundreds of off-the-shelf cloud based e-Learning programs to make sure you have the complete employee skill sets covered.
Categories include compliance, leadership, selling skills, personal productivity, customer service, supervision, and more.

For guided learning and mastery of skills there is nothing like interacting with instructors while still learning online.

HumaNext offers a great library of instructor-lead online courses in business and personal development skills. You may also choose "self-paced" courses.

For organizations: Order for employees at volume prices. Corporations come to us year after year to offer their employees these engaging, high quality instructor-lead ed2to courses. ​


If you want in-depth 6 week courses, either instructor-led for one-on-one guidance, or self-paced courses, get our ed2go library.

Order it for individuals, or your entire team.