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Humanext Training 

How HumaNext Certification Works

- The learning occurs via recorded online webinars for 3 month unlimited access, online assignments, online assessment, MS Word Leader's Guides and PowerPoint slides e-mailed to you to study and use;  and written coaching feedback from HumaNext president to guide you to the best ways to deliver the training and the important insights involved.

- You determine your pace of learning, moving as fast or as slow as it suites you - maximum flexibility, optimum benefits.

- You deliver the program face to face in classroom settings to unlimited number of trainees.

- You will receive the complete Word files, slides, and reproducible Participant Workbook to deliver workshops to unlimited participants unlimited number of times.

(Certification does not give you credits toward educational degrees, but you will receive a Certificate designating you as a HumaNext-Certified Emotional Intelligence Facilitator)

How Our Graduates Used Our Certification to Deliver EQ Training to Leading Corporations Around the World

I had my first run of the Applying EQ at Work workshop with the management team of Samsung (a multinational Korean firm here in the Philippine with 4000 employees). The 2 day seminar worked really well. I am so proud to share this good news. 

- Ging Igual, Consultant, The Philippines

Next Generation Emotional Intelligence EQ 3.0

HumaNext EQ 3.0 Model delivers the most complete multiple intelligence-based training, linking intelligence to action in a meaningful practical way that people can easily relate to and apply.

EQ 3.0 Covers:
- Emotional Intelligence: Know yourself
- Critical Thinking: Know the world
- Creative Thinking: Change the world

Some of our clients..

​What a US Army Coaching Director Said about our EQ training

"I have weaved some of the concepts (of the EQ training) into what I am doing here at the Army... Francois leads his 'Applying Emotional Intelligence' class with a highly effective mixture of kindness, compassion and expertise."

- Andy Kirkpatrick, CERDEC Executive Coaching Program Director Employee Resources Services US Army

I'm planning an EQ (Emotional Intelligence) workshop on a relatively short notice. I'm a psychology professor and have conducted EQ workshops for years but this time I wanted to inject some new materials. Your material is excellent. Thank you.

Charles Carroll, EdD, MS., Senior Vice President, Development and Institutional Effectiveness, Daytona State College

  ".. Applying EQ with a highly effective mixture of kindness and expertise"

            - US Army Coaching Director's Testimony about our EQ Program (see below..)

EQ 3.0 The Most Complete 

Intelligence-Based Trainer Certification Available Today!

Learn and Train People on the three Critical Types of Human Intelligence: Emotional Intelligence, Critical Thinking, and Creative Thinking.

Why  certify in emotional intelligence only, when you can also learn the two other key types of human intelligence in the same certification:

  • Critical Thinking, and
  • Creative Thinking.

HumaNext EQ 3.0 program uniquely certifies you in the three types of intelligence, enabling you to deliver the next-generation intelligence-based training.

America's Leading Organizations, Government, and the Army Have Praised Our Powerful Emotional Intelligence Training..

Advantages of HumaNext Emotional Intelligence Certification

1- It is the only EQ certification that certifies you in the three types of human intelligence in one process. This way you can deliver training on emotional intelligence alone, or give workshops on two other popular topics; critical thinking, and creativity and innovation.

2- Our content utilizes the most popular emotional intelligence model of "Self-Awareness; Self-Management; Social Awareness; Relationship Management.

3- You have utmost flexibility, learning at your own pace, up to a whole year.

4- It is the only program that offers you complete materials, tools, and delivery documents to help you design and deliver great training on any topic, not just the topic of certification, using our “Heart & Mind Learning” methodology.

5- Our certification program is not based on or revolves around an assessment tool, as are most other EQ certifications, where you basically get trained to use their instrument. We do offer a validated EQ assessment to use for your development and may order for clients.

6- We do not require you to travel to attend any event as part of your certification. You will complete all learning, assessment, assignments, and coaching, online

7- We don’t require you to buy Participants Workbooks from us, or any other materials or products, nor do we take commission or fees from you every time you deliver our programs, as some vendors do

8- Some of the world’s best organizations have sent their trainers and leaders to got certified to deliver our workshops, from the Mayo Clinic and the US Army in the United States, to trainers from Canada, Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Read their testimonials below

9- We keep our fees significantly lower than what others charge, while we offer more value by the significant addition of "critical thinking" and "creative thinking" as part of the certification. 

10- We support you for 12 months with phone and email advice and answers

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