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"EQ: Intelligent


Trainer's Package

Q: Intelligent Conversations is a training workshop that applies the latest principles and practices of emotional intelligence (EQ) on the key skill of inter-personal communication to produce intelligent conversations.It is the best of emotional intelligence and communication skills combined in one powerful and exciting training package.

What You Get

  • A step-by-step Leader's Guide in MS Word.
  • A set of PowerPoint slides covering key learning points.
  • A master Participant Workbook to reproduce any number of copies.
  • A number of assessments, exercises, and tools to use for training or coaching.           ​​

How HumaNext Certification Works

- The learning occurs via recorded online webinars for 3 month unlimited access, a Wiki site for collaborative discussions and contributions, online assignments, online assessments, MS Word program guides and PowerPoint slides e-mailed to you to study and use;  and 1 on 1 coaching sessions by phone or Skype with the program's author.
- You determine your pace of learning, moving as fast or as slow as it suites you - maximum flexibility, optimum benefits.
- You deliver the program face to face in classroom settings to unlimited number of trainees.

- Certification does not give you credits toward educational degrees, but you will receive a Certificate designating you as a HumaNext-Certified Facilitator in your chosen topic.

How Some Graduates

Used Our Certification

to Deliver EQ Training

I had my first run of the Applying EQ at Work workshop with the management team of Samsung (a multinational Korean firm here in the Philippine with 4000 employees). The 2 day seminar worked really well. I am so proud to share this good news. 
- Ging Igual, Consultant, The Philippines

Some of our clients..

Three Classroom-Ready Trainer's Packages to Enable You to Deliver Workshops on EQ., Communication, and Leadership.

Your Choice..

What a US Army Coaching Director Said about our EQ training

"I have weaved some of the concepts (of the training) into what I am doing here at the Army... Francois leads his 'Applying Emotional Intelligence' class with a highly effective mixture of kindness, compassion and expertise."
- Andy Kirkpatrick, CERDEC Executive Coaching Program Director Employee Resources Services US Army

Each of the three intelligence-based skills is offered by others in programs costing up to $495 each - almost $1500 for the three - but our 3 in 1 program is offered now at significant savings.

“Leading with Intelligence” comes via email with a Facilitator’s Guide, PowerPoint slides, and a Reproducible Participant’s Workbook.

I'm planning an EQ (Emotional Intelligence) workshop on a relatively short notice. I'm a psychology professor and have conducted EQ workshops for years but this time I wanted to inject some new materials. Your material is excellent. Thank you.

Charles Carroll, EdD, MS., Senior Vice President, Development and Institutional Effectiveness, Daytona State College

EQ Train-the-Trainer Certification Online

Learn to deliver EQ training with webinars, inter-active site, assessments, assignments.

Covering self-awareness, self-confidence, self-management, social awareness, empathy, relationship management, emotionally intelligent communication and more.

PLUS, learn to coach others with our Coaching Course, included.

Emotional Intelligence Certification by HumaNext offers the following advantages:

  1. It is the only certification process that gives you the opportunity to certify in more than one topic / workshop in the same event, giving you high value at low cost in a short time.
  2. It is the only program that offers you complete materials, tools, and delivery documents to help you design and deliver great training on any topic, not just the topic of certification, using our “Heart & Mind Learning” methodology.
  3. It is the only program that adds coaching to your training skills with a complete "Coach the Coach" course, with coaching models, tools, and tactics.
  4. Our certification program is not based on or revolves around an assessment tool, as are most other EQ certifications, where you basically get trained to use their assessment instrument. We do offer a powerful, validated, research-based EQ assessment (ESAP), but we also offer a complete workshop you can deliver without using any assessments if you so choose.
  5. We do not require you to travel to attend any event as part of your certification. You will complete all learning, assessment, interactive assignments, and coaching, online.
  6. We don’t require you to buy Participants Workbooks from us, or any other materials or products, nor do we take commission or fees from you every time you deliver our programs, as some vendors do.
  7. Some of the world’s best organizations have sent their trainers and leaders to got certified to deliver our workshops, from the Mayo Clinic and the US Army in the United States, to organizations and consultants in Canada, Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe.
  8. We keep our fee significantly lower than what others charge.

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Classroom-Ready "Leading with Intelligence" Trainer's Package Covering Three Types of Intelligence in One Workshop

This unique 3-in-1 program enables you to cover in one workshop "Emotional Intelligence", "Critical Thinking", and "Creative Thinking" - three vital skills for all managers and leaders.

Add a Second Workshop to Your Certification at Significant Savings

When you register for any topic, you can add another workshop at a reduced fee.

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ESAP: Not Just an EQ Assessment -

A Complete Emotional Learning System for $39.95

The ESAP-C© is a validated, research-based emotional intelligence assessment you can do online in 20 minutes.It offers 77 self-report items to provide specific measures of emotional skills that contribute strongly to personal achievement and better relationships in and off the workplace. 

The four dimensions of emotional intelligence described by Daniel Goleman (1995) in his seminal work (see figure) are strengthened through our Emotional Learning System (ELS)© and the positive assessment process of the ESAP.

​The ESAP-C© provides a person-centered exploration and a systematic process for learning and enhancing emotional intelligence. The process helps you understand and enhance the related emotional competencies of Interpersonal Communication, Personal Leadership, Self Management in Life and Career (Motivation), and Intra-personal Knowledge.

Use ESAP > a Validated EQ Assessment with or without the Training

Customizable, Classroom-ready

"Applying EQ at Work"

Workshop Trainer's Package 

This is a complete training package that gives trainers everything they need to deliver a full day training workshop on Applying Emotional Intelligence at Work. 

Now there is a corporate-quality, application-oriented, performance-focused training program from HumaNext to help you deliver this highly popular topic unlimited number of times for one low price. It comes with:

- Facilitator's Guide - Participant Workbook - PowerPoint Slides 

The workshop applies the ideas of pioneering EQ authorities like Daniel Goleman and others to the most critical workplace issues and needs to offer you the most useful applications at work.

The emphasis is not on the research or theories, which we cover quickly, but on workplace applications in areas like self management, relationship management, communication, team collaboration, coaching, and leadership.

Emotional Intelligence Train-the-Trainer Certification, Trainer's Package, Assessment, and EQ Coaching, all Done Online.

HumaNext's Institute for Training and Coaching offers online train-the-trainer certification, EQ assessment, EQ Leadership Coaching, and classroom-ready trainer's packages.​ See below..