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This Online Certification Option:

You will learn the program step by step, and receive its complete documentation and files: A Facilitator's Guide, PowerPoint Slides, and a reproducible, customizable Participant Workbook you can reproduce to use with unlimited number of people.

How Online Certification Works

Online certification uses the following media for a blended learning approach to facilitate learning:

  1. Online recorded webinars you can access any number of times for six months.
  2. Emailed documents in MS Word and PowerPoint slides.
  3. Assignments and shared learning at a special HumaNext Wiki. A Wiki is a website that you are able to edit and post your contributions on it. While on the wiki you will be able to read and learn from the hundred of previous HumaNext Certified Facilitators who posted their experiences. This is a very rich source of valuable real life lessons.

Upon completing the process, you will receive a certificate by email which you can print. 

Off-the-Shelf Materials Option: Employee Engagement for Change Program - Same as above but without certification

This program provides everything you need to create and communicate an employee engagement initiative at work. But you get it in one package and learn it on your own without webinars, coaching, or assignments. (If you need help you can take Option 1 above).

It inspires people to stop complaining and start collaborating. It’s one of the most effective type of training you can offer to combat negativity and low performance. It covers research results, the drivers, model, and process of employee engagement. 

A Complete Program for Trainers, Leaders, and Communicators:
Employee Engagement Online Certification

This comprehensive program of employee engagement process, training, and communication is designed to enable people to initiate and run a complete initiative for employee engagement to support key business objectives, and raise the levels of engagement, collaboration, and innovation at work.

You get certified online to learn and run the program unlimited times for unlimited employees or clients.

Business is not about numbers and dollars.

It is about what makes the numbers and dollars: People.

Great leaders and good managers know this fact. They cannot succeed without knowing it. 

Only committed, engaged, and energized people can produce great work. 

And you cannot create commitment and engagement by threatening or ordering people around.

The employee engagement programs below enable you to inspire commitment and create high levels of employee energy and engagement. 

Actions for Workplace Engagement (AWE) 

Six Months of Activities for Engagement and Performance

Human Actions to Build Culture and Heighten Engagement 

AWE (Actions for Workplace Engagement) delivers to your email box, for six months, weekly scheduled human-interaction tools and tactics, activities and assignments, surveys, and best practices of leading organizations, to enable you and your team to create, communicate, and sustain a culture of employee engagement, collaboration, and innovation.

AWE's powerful, engaging materials can be used with people in meetings, coaching sessions, mentoring, consulting, and training to build team and workplace culture of engagement, collaboration and innovation.​

AWE enables you to influence and win the hearts and minds of people in your team. 
AWE applies a number of key principles of employee engagement and culture change:

  • What people focus on becomes their reality.
  • Taking the best of the past to the future.
  • Change starts with the individual. We invite people to adopt Gandhi's principle, "We must become the change we want to see in the world.

The certification gives you "Heart & Mind Learning" Methodology that enables you to win hearts and minds, deliver great training, and inspire people to get involved.

Programs to Create Employee Engagement and High Performance:

We Offer Several Options to Meet Your Needs

Creating Employee Engagement

Training, Communication, Culture, On-the-Job Action-Learning, and Certification Programs