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  • Highly-Human, Highly-Exciting ways to learn, train, and coach.​
  • ​The mission: To ignite the human spirit in the workplace.
  • Unleash people's great resources of imagination, collaboration, and communication.
  • Develop highly-human leadership with the courage to affirm humanity, defend facts and fairness, and achieve extraordinary accomplishments.
  • It is not a choice between fun and work. It is a choice for fun and work.

What a US Army Training Director Said About HumaNext Training

- Transform the team dynamics with the RelationShifts Workshop.

+ Six months of on-the-job Action-Learning with the Hi-Program.

A Letter from one Trainer a few

Weeks after Completing HumaNext Training

I had my first run of the Applying EQ at Work workshop with the management team of Samsung (a multinational Korean firm here in the Philippine with 4000 employees). The 2 day seminar worked really fine and they all left with so many "take home benefits" . 
I am so proud to share this good news. Thanks for all the knowledge. I had so much fun imparting these skills to my participants. Best regards. 

- Ging Igual, Consultant, The Philippines

- Apply the six principles of a happy, human, productive culture.
- Instill drivers of excitement in every project.
- Men and women working together with no harassment.
- Create the workplace of inclusion by working across gender, cultural, generations, ethnic, and ability differences.

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"I have weaved some of the concepts (of HumaNext materials) into what I am doing here at the Army... (it) creates a cooperative and cohesive environment, where people are motivated to use their collective synergy to find solutions to their unique challenges."

- Andy Kirkpatrick, CERDEC Executive Coaching Program Director Employee Resources Services US Army

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What People Said About HumaNext Programs

  • ​I've just completed the first half of the program and must say I am most impressed. Superb content and great ideas.

  • Heart &Mind made a huge impact! Everyday was a great day! Incredible experience. Approach to learning is very innovative.

  • I heard the goose story a number of years ago but really appreciate the way you focus the material and the takeaways that can come from the discussion sessions outlined. - Peter Braeuler, Texas."

- Three Months of Highly-Human Leadership Course of Actions..

- Develop your leadership then use the tools to develop others.

- Develop individual and team innovation capacity.
- Instill an entrepreneurial spirit in every project.
- Develop and drill employee engagement drivers & practices.
- Break monotony and unleash creative energy.

- Learn and test innovative training facilitation techniques.

You Do Not Lead by Being Corporate.

You Lead by Being Human

Join the "Highly-Human" Movement by HumaNext.

Become a Highly-Human Leader, Trainer, and Coach.

Create the Highly-Human Workplace. Deliver Highly-Human Workshops.

Lead the Change. Be the Change!

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"I have been giving training for years but this gave me LIFE!! I have a whole new vigor now." 

 ​Tracyavon S. Ford, ACSW-LCSW/R, President/ Chief Executive Officer, TFord LCSW Consulting, New York (about HumaNext Heart & Mind Learning) 

HumaNext: Advancing the Human Side of Business.