​​Order: LeaderShiftwith One-to-One Coaching

  • Most leadership development programs offer a cookie-cutter training, ignoring the different needs of individual leaders with different styles, strengths, and goals. LeaderShift offers customized Development.

  • Most other programs offer training online or in class with no on-the-job actions. LeaderShift offers activities, actions, and practices you apply with your team and on the job to test and hone your leadership competence.

  • Most programs offer mechanical leadership "techniques" focusing on managing the followers, ignoring the leaders' crucial needs of first understanding and building their self-leadership needs.

  • Research has shown that the most effective leadership development is achieved when training and development is supported by one to one coaching. LeaderShift does that with coaching by HumaNext President.

​​LEADER-SHIFT: Personalized Development for Leaders, Trainers, and Teams via Online and/or Phone Coaching by HumaNext. Choose for Leaders Only or For Trainers to Train / Coach Leaders

Competencies covered in the second month may include:

Communication Assessment / Creativity Assessment / Developing Compelling Communication / Developing Social Intelligence / Relationship Management Skills / Creating Employee Engagement / Applying Best Practices on the Job / Applied Creativity / Building Effective Teams / Resolving Conflict / Building Trust with Followers / Delivering Effective Praise and Criticism.

Three months of personalized, online training, on-the-job actions, and one-on-one phone / Skype coaching by HumaNext President Francois Basili. Reduced fee is Now Available. ​

Alternative Program:

Self+Leadership: Outside success comes from inside strength

If you want to start first by discovering your personality, developing your strengths, and designing your future, without live coaching sessions, consider our Self-Leadership Program.

Competencies covered in the first month may include (depending on your needs and goals):

Emotional Intelligence / Self Awareness / Self Confidence / Discovering Your Genius / Self Management / Developing Creative and Critical Thinking / Identifying Current Work and Life Challenges / Formulating Personal and Professional Goals / Applying Best Practices On the Job / Developing an Effective Personal Leadership Style and Building Stature.

Train-the-Trainer Certification, EQ, Innovation, Inclusion, LeaderShift, Culture, Teams..

Blended Learning with Customized Development

We use a blended learning and coaching approach which, depending on your needs and situation, may include:

  • Online Assessments
  • Paper and Pencil Assessments
  • Assignments
  • On-the-job actions
  • One-on-One coaching
  • Email Communication

The skills covered include leadership, communication, emotional intelligence, building courage, creativity and innovation, team building, managing change, and others as needed.

Competencies covered in the third month may include:

Formulating leadership vision / Deploying the power of purpose / Assessment of Innovation Gap / Creating Employee Engagement / Creating Culture / Managing Change / Leading Teams for Breakthrough Results / Creating a Culture of Inclusion and Innovation / Managing Generations at Work / Enhancing Men / Women Collaboration / Working Effectively Across Cultural Differences.

Your Coach, Francois Basili,President of HumaNext

Your coach is Francois Basili, founder and President of HumaNext. Basili had a solid business executive experience as Manager of Commercial Operations for the Bechtel Group for the largest engineering and city planning and building project in the Middle East at the time, the $20 Billion Jubail Project. 

He then served as Director of Communication, Training, and Development for a large healthcare organization in New York for over 12 years. In 2002, he founded HumaNext, where he developed and delivered programs used by some of America's leading organizations including Dell, General Dynamics, Mayo Clinic and US Army. He certified hundreds of trainers and consultants to deliver his workshops around the world. He trained and coached hundreds of consultants, executives, and educators who use his programs to develop higher levels of competency and accomplishments.

What they Said About Basili's Training and Coaching

​The Executive Coaching Program Director of the US Army wrote the following about Basili's training:
"I have weaved some of the concepts into what I am doing here at the Army.

Francois leads his training with a highly effective mixture of kindness, compassion and expertise."
- Andy Kirkpatrick, CERDEC Executive Coaching Program Director Employee Resources Services US Army

    The Program Delivers..​​

  • 3 to 6 months (depending on your pace) of continuous learning and development. 
  • A battery of online and paper assessments on leadership styles and behaviors, emotional intelligence, creativity and innovation, communication effectiveness, presentations, and more depending on individual needs.
  • Weekly on-the-job individual and team actions and best practices.​
  • Four coaching sessions with HumaNext President by phone / Skype for developing personal leadership.
  • Six months of continuous support by email.
  • ​For team enrollment: 25 cloud-based, short, fast-paced video courses (for teams only).
  • ​Option: Trainers or leaders can get certified to deliver the program to their employees, teams, or clients.

No two leaders are alike. So why should their development programs be the same? We focus on your personal goals

Leadership Development Programs for Leaders, Trainers, and Teams:

  • ​​For Leaders: Develop Your Leadership Online Plus One to One Coaching
  • For Trainers: Certification to Run Our Program for Your Team or Clients
  • For Organizations: Volume Prices for Team / Peer Coaching

Leading by Being Human

You don't lead by being corporate or institutional. You lead by being human. That's what people respond to. ​

  •  Leader-Shift program to develop powerful, effective leadership, with Live Coaching (by phone) with HumaNext President, and Actions for LeaderShifts that you take in-between to produce results for you in your work-life.

HumaNext: Advancing the Human Side of Business.

Humanext Training

Heart & Mind Learning!

A unique advantage of HumaNext's LeaderShift program is the way you will be developing your competence right on the job from week one. You will be getting weekly "Actions for LeaderShift" with powerful best practices you apply at work to experience a LeaderShift visible to you and others.

The Powerful Advantages of Leadership Development by HumaNext

LeaderShift is a comprehensive blended-learning program integrating key skill topics from emotional intelligence and compelling conversations, to employee engagement, culture change, inclusion, innovation, and more. 

A combination of methods and media delivers rigorous learning, assessments, and on-the job practices, with one-to-one coaching focusing on your needs and goals:

  • Personality, Leadership, and Competency Assessments to Discover Your Personal State and Strengths and build upon them.
  • On the Job Actions, Activities, and Practices to hone your leadership in real situations.
  • The program starts with focusing inward, building your personal capacity for self leadership. You will discover and develop your unique genius and talents and mobilize them to meet your challenges and goals.
  • Moving from the inside out to learn and master outward leadership and relationship management and influencing competencies.

What's Unique about HumaNext Heart & Mind LeaderShift Program