​​​What makes people fascinated with personality type assessments?

There seems to be an insatiable desire to know about one's inner traits, strengths and weaknesses (It's a $4 billion industry). It's because Personality Type Indicators offer these benefits:

- They give us a bird's eye view of ourselves.

- They break down the mysterious “personality whole” into smaller and more definable parts.
- They categorize our mixed-up traits and preferences into identifiable, organized categories that we can understand and recognize. This self-knowledge makes it possible for us to change, adapt, and develop.

- They provide us with linguistic tools to talk about aspects of our personality that we thought cannot be expressed in words. This facilitates expressing our thoughts and sharing our feelings with others.

One issue with personality types has been the difficulty of remembering the characteristics of 16 different types in Myer-Briggs, or the 34 strengths in a strength-based tool. For some, this has created cases of paralysis by analysis, resulting in little value beyond the initial fascination. 

At HumaNext, we wanted to find an easier, more practical and useful way for people to understand their personality, discover their genius, grow their strengths, and create their future. Our efforts culminated with the development of "PersonalityScope3D" for trainers and coaches, and the condensed, shorter version "SelfScope" for individual users.It's our most comprehensive program that enables people to Discover, Develop, and Deploy their personality's core identity, talents, and goals. 

Rather than focus on one particular assessment, we developed a complete course where people use several methods to discover their personality, life-purpose, and strengths. They then move to deliberately create a future that is in harmony with their essence or genius, which is the key to living a rewarding life. Learn more about it on this page.​​


1- The course is delivered in Word documents for 3 weeks or more, adjusting to your pace of learning and practicing.

2- You will receive assessments to do in Word files, but the program goes way beyond assessments alone.

3- You will learn a number of powerful processes to methodically discover the core of your personality, your life's calling, and your talents / strengths.

4- You will receive assignments with practical activities you do with your co-workers or family and friends to practice the models and tools you are learning.

5- You will be invited to post your responses and share your experiences with others online at a special "Wiki" site where you will receive written feedback and coaching from HumaNext.

6- You will be able to learn from what others are sharing about their experiences discovering and developing their personality.

7- The course uses tools from the fields of emotional intelligence, creative thinking, compelling communications, goal-setting, action-launching, and work-life coaching.

8- Upon completing the course's assignments you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

9- You can use the materials, models and tools of the course to coach and train your team, or get certified to deliver to clients.

10- You will receive support by email for up to six months.

A Story:

The Man Who Wanted to Change the World

​​PersonalityScope3D enables people to go beyond merely knowing their personality type, by developing their strengths and moving to create their desired future.

Rather than focusing on one particular personality assessment, we developed a complete course where people use a number of powerful methods to discover their personality, life-purpose, and strengths. With this, they move to deliberately create a future that is in harmony with their essence or calling, which is the key to living a rewarding life.

The course is delivered in short micro-learning segments, without using videos for in-depth learning and development.

For Self Only / Individual User:

Discover your Personality, Develop your Strengths, and Design your Future with Self-Scope Course

It offers 77 self-report items to provide specific measures of emotional skills that contribute strongly to personal achievement and better relationships in and off the workplace. It offers a complete process, not just an assessment.
Order for yourself – or for your entire team to work effectively together.

Get Certified to Coach Clients on PersonalityScope3D

After learning with PersonalityScope3D, you can use the same processes, assessments, and tools to coach your team, or get certified to coach all employees, or your clients, in one to one sessions (But not sell or put the materials online).

Discover Your Natural Behavioral Patterns. Take Your Strengths to a Higher Level in 2018

Coach Yourself and Others withPersonalityScope3D

Develop Emotional Intelligence

For Yourself and Your Clients

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Humanext Training

Heart & Mind Learning!

​​​PersonalityScope3D is an intense online course with real-life activities and assignments you do in 3 weeks to 3 months depending on your pace. It includes written coaching feedback from HumaNext to guide your process of self-Discovery, strengths-Development, and Deployment.

And you can use it afterward to train or coach others to discover their personality type, strengths and goals.

The course enables you to achieve the following:

1- Discover your life's main themes and deeper motives.

2- Reveal your personality's core identity (beyond types).

3- Uncover your genius, talents, and strengths.

4- Determine your life's purpose, your calling.

5- Define the goals that will take you to live your calling.

6- Learn the dimensions of your emotional intelligence.

7- Utilize your creativity to think and act outside the box.

8- Deploy compelling communications to relate and achieve.

9- Receive written feedback and coaching to guide you.

10- Test and launch major actions to create your future.


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Introducing:  PersonalityScope3D for Coaches, and SelfScope for Individuals:

The Most Comprehensive Personality Discovery and Strengths Development for Coaching Self or Others

How to Use Our Materials to Coach Others

Author and Coach: Francois Basili

The Course's author is Francois Basili, CEO of HumaNext. He will be giving you written feedback / coaching.

- This T.E.A.M. Profile tool provides teams with a profile of their effectiveness in taking action to achieve results. This profile can serve as a map for the team's development, learning, and change to increase its effectiveness. 
- Taking only a few minutes to answer 30 questions online, Profile reveals the team's effectiveness in the six areas that most impact team performance: 
Pillar 1- Shared Mission & Goals  

Pillar 2- Defined Roles and Methods
Pillar 3- Inspiring Leadership  

Pillar 4- Supportive Relationships
Pillar 5- A Learning Culture    

Pillar 6- Positive Communication

There is a Chinese story of an ambitious young man who, on his twentieth birthday, became consumed with the desire to change the world.

He spent the next 20 years trying to do that but couldn’t.
At age 40, he settled for trying to change China. He spent the next 20 years trying to do that but couldn’t.
At age 60, he settled for trying to change his village. For the next 20 years he strived to do that but failed.
At age 80, he decided to focus on changing his family. He spent the next 20 years trying to do that but couldn’t.
At age 100, he decided to focus on changing himself.
But the next day, he died.
The lesson? If you want to change the world, start with yourself, now.
Gandhi said, “We must become the change we want to see in the world”

(From PersonalityScope3D Assessment and Coaching by HumaNext.) 

ESAP-C The Online Emotional Skills Assessment Process  

ESAP-C© is a validated 

emotional intelligence assessment you can do online in 20 minutes.


(Part of "Relation-Shifts" Team Building Workshop)  

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PersonalityScope3Ddelivers the most comprehensive personality assessments, discovery, and development processes available in one program. The result is a fascinating discovery of your personality's core identity, life's purpose and calling, strengths, goals, and the actions needed to move toward a more rewarding life of purpose and achievements.

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