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Self-Scopeenables you to discover your genius, develop your strengths, and design your future. It's for your own personal discovery and development (Cannot use it to train others).

There is a Chinese story of an ambitious young man who, on his twentieth birthday, became consumed with the desire to change the world.

He spent the next 20 years trying to do that but couldn’t.
At age 40, he settled for trying to change China. He spent the next 20 years trying to do that but couldn’t.
At age 60, he settled for trying to change his village. For the next 20 years he strived to do that but failed.
At age 80, he decided to focus on changing his family. He spent the next 20 years trying to do that but couldn’t.
At age 100, he decided to focus on changing himself.
But the next day, he died.
The lesson? If you want to change the world, start with yourself, now.
Gandhi said, “We must become the change we want to see in the world”

(From Sel+Leadership Program by HumaNext.) 

Alternative Program- Self-Scope:

For Discovering and Developing Yourself Only

If you want to develop yourself only, and do not need to train or coach others, such as employees or clients, you can order the individual version of this program, "Self-Scope".

Self+Leadership enables people to go beyond merely discovering their personality, by developing their strengths and moving to create their desired future.

Self+Leadership is a complete course where people use a number of powerful methods to discover their genius, life-purpose, and strengths. With this, they move to deliberately create a future that is in harmony with their essence or calling, which is the key to living a rewarding life.

Join 10,000 Trainers Who Get Tips, Tools, and Tactics + Free Reports

An intense course with real-life activities and assignments you do in 6 weeks to 3 months depending on your pace. It includes written coaching feedback from HumaNext to guide your process of self-Discovery, strengths-Development, and future-Design.

And you can use the process and materials to train or coach others to discover their personality, strengths and goals.

Self+Leadership delivers the most comprehensive personal assessment, discovery, and development processes in one program. The result is a fascinating discovery of your personality's core identity, life's purpose and calling, talents, strengths, goals, and the actions needed to move toward a more rewarding life of achievements.

How It Works

1- The course is delivered in Word documents for 6 weeks or more, adjusting to your pace of learning and practicing.

2- You will receive assessments to do online and in Word files, but the program goes way beyond assessments alone.

3- You will learn a number of powerful processes to methodically discover the core of your personality, your life's calling, and your talents / strengths.

4- You will receive assignments with practical activities you do with your co-workers or family and friends to practice the models and tools you are learning.

5- You will be invited to post your responses and share your experiences with others online at a special group document, where you will receive written feedback and coaching from HumaNext.

6- You will be able to learn from what others are sharing about their experiences discovering and developing their personality.

7- The course uses tools from the fields of emotional intelligence, creative thinking, compelling communications, goal-setting, action-launching, and work-life coaching.

8- Upon completing the course's assignments you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

9- You can use the materials, models and tools of the course to coach and train your team, employees, or clients.

10- You will receive support by email for up to six months.

Sel+Leadership: Discover Your Genius, Develop Your Strengths, then Use the Materials to Train and Coach Others

The course enables you to achieve the following:

1- Discover your life's main themes and deeper motives.

2- Reveal your personality's core identity (beyond types).

3- Uncover your genius, talents, and strengths.

4- Determine your life's purpose, your calling.

5- Define the goals that will take you to live your calling.

6- Learn the dimensions of your emotional intelligence.

7- Utilize your creativity to think and act outside the box.

8- Deploy compelling communications to relate and achieve.

9- Receive written feedback and coaching to guide you.

10- Test and launch major actions to create your future.

Order Self+Leadership to Develop Yourself and Others:

A Story:

The Man Who Wanted to Move the World

With Self+Leadership You Can Use Our Materials to Train and Develop Yourself and Others

Author and Coach: Francois Basili

The Course's author is Francois Basili, CEO of HumaNext. He will be giving you written feedback / coaching.

After learning with "Self+Leadership", you can use the same processes, assessments, and tools to coach your team, your employees, or your clients, in one to one sessions.