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TheSHE Culture Change Model: See. Hear. Experience

The SHE Culture Change Model is one of the many on-the-job processes, activities, and action-learning that you and your team will learn and apply in the TALK process. Your team can learn how to shape the work culture in 3 steps:

  1. SEE: The team will receive tools to help them observe, document, then change the visible parts of the culture, including its symbols and signs.
  2. Hear: The team learns how to delve beyond the visible parts of the culture to hear the thoughts and the conversations taking place on-the-job. With special assessment tools like our Culture Compass, the team will be able to detect and document the values that sustain the current culture, and engage in ways to examine and possibly alter these values.
  3. Experience: At this stage, the team learns to experience the culture in the behavior, work-habits, and performance of managers and employees. The team is equipped with the tools and tactics to change the shape and levels of that performance. The team is engaged in creating a culture of inclusion, innovation, and intelligence for breakthrough performance. 

Blended Learning

  • Assessments
  • Assignments  
  • Action Learning
  • Webinars
  • Surveys
  • Coaching


TALK completes its powerful process with the use of a number of skill assessments that reveal the strengths and areas of improvements to participants. Discovery is a key part of TALK. Assessments cover key competencies like communication, creativity, teamwork, and culture. Because of the customized nature of the process, the results of the assessments can be taken into consideration in the design of the activities and assignments throughout the process.


Three participant surveys are provided at part of the TALK process, at the beginning, the middle, and the end. The results of the surveys will be sent to the champion of the process assigned by the client. 

More Impact than a Workshop: Blended Learning​

  • ​Delivering one day workshop is good, but forming a team and keeping it learning, growing, working, and innovating for 3 to 6 months (depending on your pace) produces more visible lasting results. 
  • No time is taken away from work. The "action-learning" occurs on the job.
  • The team becomes a cohesive unit over time, renewing its energy every week with new activities, challenges, and actions.
  • The length of 12 weeks enables true behavior change, as most change requires from 3 to 8 weeks to take roots and produce transformation.
  • Individual and team assessments are part of the discovery and development delivered.
  • Three employee surveys give you the feedback you need to take action.
  • ​Can augment your current training effort as on-the-job follow up.

Order TALK for Teams. You Will Get:

Enroll your team, or teams, in the program and each member will get in their email box weekly materials, assignments, assessments, and activities to learn together and apply on-the-job for three to six months depending on your pace.
The program covers the following areas and skills:

  • Building positive communication for collaboration skills
  • Developing and applying Emotional Intelligence at work
  • Developing and applying Creativity and Innovation at work
  • Creating a positive culture of inclusion, appreciation, and respect
  • Creating Action Teams to tackle current and new work challenges
  • Boosting and spreading employee engagement 
  • Applying Best Practices from America's successful organizations to boost performance
  • Assessments of key individual and team competencies
  • Three online surveys, at the start, middle, and end, that measure the team's engagement, and gather feedback for more team and organizational action.
  •  Three month email and phone support to help you throughout the process.
  • Start under $2000 for the Entire Team for 6 Months or More

What they Said about HumaNext Training..

What the US Army Coaching Director Said about Our Training

I have weaved some of the concepts (of the training) into what I am doing here at the Army... Francois leads his class with a highly effective mixture of kindness, compassion and expertise. He creates and nurtures a cooperative and cohesive classroom environment, where participants are motivated to use their collective synergy to find solutions to their unique challenges."

 - Andy Kirkpatrick, CERDEC Executive Coaching Program Director Employee Resources Services US Arm

Option: Order Leader / Facilitator Certification Online to Deliver the Program to Employees or Clients.​

You, as the leader, trainer, or consultant, can get certified online to learn how to facilitate and run the program for unlimited number of people / teams at your organization or for your clients, with each user paying a small fee (that goes down with volume) for their access to online assessments, assignments, surveys, and webinars.

Order Leader / Trainer Certification Now at a Discount..

What Does TALK Deliver?

1- TALK Starts by Developing Compelling Communications

TALK is about changing the conversation at work from distracting noise and useless chat to compelling communications with impact. With powerful, yet fun, assignments, teams learn to challenge and coach each other with critical conversations that deliver change. Questions turn into actions. Inquiry turns into ideas and accomplishments. People abandon destructive communications that create conflict, and access a constructive language of appreciation and collaboration. The new communications become the basis for moving forward with the 3i-Model of Intelligence, Inclusion, and Innovation.

2- TALK Moves to Develop Emotional Intelligence

TALK enables people to develop their emotional intelligence, starting with discovery-based exercises that develop self-awareness and self management, moving to effective relationship management.

3- TALK Creates a Team Culture of Inclusion and Engagement

TALK creates the conditions for a culture of inclusion, where people of different backgrounds, personalities, and talent are included in a unifying cause. People learn the value of diversity and the power of inclusion. Employee Engagement does not happen unless all people are valued and invited to contribute fully and freely. A relation-shift occurs and the team relates to each other differently with respect and recognition of the dignity and distinctions of all. 

4- TALK Enables Creativity and Innovation 

TALK provides techniques and activities to enable teams to generate new ideas, solve problems, and create innovative products or services. 

5- TALK Enables Team Coaching and Peer Review 

TALK encourages teams to self-manage. Informal leaders jump in to suggest, prompt, and lead. Coaching models are provided to enable team coaching and peer review. Facilitation by a trainer is possible with our Trainer Certification option. See below.

American Public University System's Testimony 

The HumaNext Bootcamp was one of the best training I have experienced in years.  Excellent work!  I or my staff or both will be back in the future. 

- Dr. Grady Batchelor, Associate Vice President, Center for Teaching & Learning, American Public University System

Questions about the TALK Process

  • Does it happen on-the-job as action learning activities?
  • Does it use blended learning with a variety of modalities?
  • Is it easy to implement, producing quick, visible results?
  • Is it fun? Does it make people feel good and excited?
  • Is it self-facilitated with optional Facilitator Certification to run it?

YES!  to all of the above. 

What Is Unique about the TALK?

  • It goes beyond training, delivering "actions" teams do on-the-job.

  • It introduces revolutionary concepts that heighten employee engagement.

  • It uses a mix of tools, assessments, assignments, surveys, and activities.

  • It enables team-learning and peer-coaching for shared development.

  • It enables leaders to create great relationships with their teams.

  • It alters communication and behavior in ways that change the culture.

  • It delivers sustained weekly learning and practices for 3 ti 6 months to ensure the formation of new habits and competencies.

On-the-Job Team Action Learning with Intelligence, Innovation, and Inclusion

TALK "Team Action Learning Kickstart" is a process of activities and kickstarts that create a team culture where people grow and achieve together on-the-job with Action-Learning and Peer-Coaching in a Blended Learning modality. The program is delivered by email to your team.

87% of executives rate culture, communication, and employee engagement as their top challenges.  
The TALK process changes the conversation at work, creating heightened engagement in a positive team-based culture of initiative and accomplishments.

Nothing happens without a "Call to Action".

And no great things occur without a team's commitment to working together toward great goals.

TALK is a process for change. TALK infuses people's conversations with the power of creation. Communication becomes the creative energy that drives action. 

TALK's only technology is human interaction.

TALK's inspiration lies in people's freedom to dream and create