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Humanext Training 

Happy Culture. Great Work! It's not a choice between fun and work: it's a choice for fun and work.

Teach employees how to create a happy culture while producing great work. Learn from best practices of leading companies like Facebook and Google.

This "Coaching Course" is a self-learning, self-coaching course where you get, by email powerful tools, templates, training, activities, assessments, and on-the-job practices that enable you to coach yourself, and use the tools to coach your team, or your internal or external clients.

Some of Our Clients..

Turn Lunch Hour into Learn Hour with Short Workshops 


Listening Skills Profile with interpretations / The Three Modes of Listening / Listening / feedback exercise / Listening To Angry People.
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Participants will learn how to listen more effectively to reach agreement and collaboration. The one to two hour program covers: 

Give Positive Messages/ Make "I" Statements / Describe The Behavior, Not the Person / Focus on the Future / Be Specific / Use Empowering Language / Ask, Invite, and involve.

Order Face to Face Learn Hour

Face To Face Communication: One-On-One Influencing Skills to Build Rapport and Achieve Results. With interactive exercises and role plays, participants will learn to:

Participants will discover the different communication styles available: Aggressive, Passive, and Positive (or Assertive) /
Understand how each style produces different results /
Practice and role-play the different styles of communication and assess positive and negative outcomes /
Develop a communication style that builds trust and respect.
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Participants will:
Develop awareness of how their personal communication style impacts the results they obtain from their communication process.

Participants will be able to:
Assess the effectiveness of their team, using the TEAM Profile/ Understand the Six Pillars of Effective Teams/ Work to improve each of the six pillars/ Create an Action Plan for increasing the effectiveness of their team.
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The Power of Teams covers the six key factors that impact team effectiveness:
- Mission & Goals 
- Roles & Responsibilities
- Processes and Procedures
- Commitment & Enthusiasm
- Relationships and Communication
- Learning & Continuous Improvement 

Turn Employees Lunch Hour into Learn Hour with these Mini Workshops

A Learn Hour program is a training or presentation session offered to employees in one to two hours. The programs below come with a Leader’s Guide, Handouts and PowerPoint Slides. See below..

You get everything you need to deliver complete experiential workshops

  • Ready to deliver workshops on today’s most vital topics.
  • Save hours of development time. Customize as you need and reproduce the Participant Workbook for employees or clients.
  • Edit, copy, and reuse the training materials as you need.
  • Experiential activities and exercises that win the hearts and minds of participants.


​You can also get certified online to learn the topics with webinars in depth, click  green link ------>

All workshops come with a Facilitator's Guide, PowerPoint Slides, and Reproducible Participant Workbook to make unlimited copies for employees or clients. ​​Order from the red links below..

"I wish I took this training before my secretary quit" is what a director wrote in his evaluation of "Listening for Understanding, Communicating for Commitment" workshop  It  delivers skills in speaking, listening, giving feedback, and resolving conflict. 

"Manager as Communicator" trains managers to communicate strategy and change to their staff. It gives your mangers the skills and tools they need to effectively act as the primary communicators of the organization's mission, strategy and goals.

What if work became as exciting as play? This is the powerful concept behind "The Coaching Leader" workshop. It examines the factors that make sports exciting, and offers ways for the leader to act as a coach to create these factors in his or her team players.

"Leading with Intelligence" is three workshops in one program.

Developing and applying three key intelligence-based skills; emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and creative thinking - in one powerful program.  It's like three workshops in one, and may be delivered separately. The training covers the key aspects of emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and creative thinking.

"Culture and Organization Change" delivers a comprehensive change process, content for a change communication campaign, and a complete in-class training workshop you can deliver to equip people for accepting and managing change. 

RelationShiftscreates team transformation experience, changing how people relate to their work, their colleagues and their organization. The result is a totally rejuvenated team working on a higher level of commitment to achieve results. RelationShifts is a unique team building / team transformation program that goes beyond traditional training.

With the globalization of world economy, multi-national organizations, out-sourcing, the global executive and multi-cultural customer, the demand for effective cross cultural skills training has accelerated.

Participants will learn specific skills for understanding and working effectively across cultural differences. 

Diversity / Inclusion continues to be one of the most relevant issues in training today. 

The existence of four generations in the workplace drives companies to recognize the importance of training to respond effectively to this need. This workshop covers all aspects of diversity including culture, gender, generations, abilities, and sexual orientation.

"Critical Conversations" helps you solve the tough communication challenges many organizations are facing. Managers consistently report that communication is at the top of the list of their challenges.

It delivers the effective conversation techniques people need to confidently tackle some of the toughest encounters at work, including performance reviews, conflict, complaints, coaching, giving criticism, and more.

In the manner in which quality was the issue of the last three decades of the 20th Century, innovation is the issue of the first three decades of the 21st Century.

"Creativity & Innovation at Work" helps individuals and teams sharpen their creative thinking, idea generation, and problem solving skills for breakthrough results.
Also covers innovation at some of America’s most innovative organizations, such as Disney, Apple, Dell, 3M, and others. 

In the past few years,Employee Engagementhas emerged as a top organizational issue.
This program provides everything you need to create and communicate an employee engagement initiative at work.

It inspires people to stop complaining and start collaborating. It’s one of the most effective type of training you can offer to combat negativity and low performance. It covers research results, the drivers, model, and process of employee engagement. 

Emotional intelligence is one of the hottest topics for training and coaching today. 

Acquiring the ability to deliver workshops on emotional intelligence will significantly enhance your ability to offer the latest skills to your clients. 
Our program is based on the Daniel Goleman model, covering self awareness, self management, social awareness, and relationship management. It gives you what you need to deliver from half a day to two full days of training on emotional intelligence at work.